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Therapists Scramble to Deliver Online Services Due to Coronavirus

As the United States continues its restrictions on social contact, millions of people around the country who are in need of continued therapy are left wondering what to do. Although nobody saw the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic coming and the total ramifications are still yet unknown, thankfully there is a solution for many people to either continue connecting with their current therapist, or to be able to seek initial help through these highly stressful times.

TeleMental Health Therapy Sessions in High Demand

What was already a growing trend is now an absolute must for much of the professional therapy field. Its effectiveness has been well documented, and now it may be the only way they can connect with many of their clients for the foreseeable future. Some places, like the San Francisco Bay area, are on nearly a complete lock down.

In addition to the previous case load many clinicians have had, there are now likely millions more people who need their services to address the fear and anxiety that such a situation can stir in people. There is also widespread financial suffering that will leave droves battling depression as well. This is not an attempt to spread doom and gloom, but instead a statement simply reinforcing the need for these services now.

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