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The Benefits of Online Therapy

There are many benefits to therapy delivered online and through other telehealth methods. These benefits extend for both the clients as well as the therapists.

Flexible Scheduling – Teletherapy allows for people to schedule their sessions at more convenient times. This is especially helpful for both congested areas of larger cities that have to contend with traffic patterns, but also for more rural areas where it would otherwise take much longer to get to the nearest therapist.

More Choices – Sometimes the therapists closest to you may not provide the type of services you are looking for, and teletherapy allows you to browse therapists in other parts of the state who may specialize in exactly what you need.

Accessibility – In addition regular flexible schedules, accessibility is also an issue for many people and their therapists. It is not always convenient to hop in a car and drive for a short session, even when there may be an opening, or for therapists to be able to fill cancellation spots. This way both clients and clinicians are able to reach each other easier when it matters most.

Cost – For therapists, when you’re able to work out of your home, or practice from a single location rather than having multiple offices, you can greatly reduce overhead costs. This often translates into lower rates for self-pay clients.

Comfort – Aside from the normal physical comfort we often think of, this also means mental comfort, such as feeling safe enough to talk about some of the more difficult things in an honest way. Sometimes people can be too intimidated in person to discuss some of their deeper issues, whereas having the comfort and security of a computer or telephone may add just enough insulation to be able to freely dive into those things.

Confidence in Online Treatment

A study published last year that included surveys of therapists found that those who had higher confidence in the methods of service and the procedures delivered through technology had better results. This is a key concept for most forms of treatment or therapy, both the individual receiving the help and the one providing must believe in the efficacy of the services to get the maximum results.

What are some other benefits of online treatment and teletherapy?