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Substance Use Disorders and Addiction

Thankfully, there are a multitude of therapy options available today for people struggling with substance use or battling an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Several practices are mentioned on this site, but that is just the beginning.

Which Therapies are Best for Treating Addiction?

There is no one right way to help someone with their substance use problems. There are many evidence based practices that can be used to address the addictive behaviors, medical treatments for the physical dependency parts and many things in between. Many professionals recommend a combination of therapy and medication to treat addiction, though it can vary for each person.

Do I Need to go to Rehab First?

The majority of people dealing with substance use issues are able to address it without going away to a residential treatment facility. Your therapist can help determine an appropriate level of care based on assessments and help locate programs or facilities that may be a good fit for you. Often there is an outpatient program nearby who can work in conjunction with your own private therapist to help provide more services to you. If an inpatient program is needed, then you can resume counseling sessions with your therapist upon return.

Choosing a therapist who also specializes in addiction is a great place to start, and he or she may also know of some local group therapy options and support group meetings as well. The most important part is to be able to create a specialized course of treatment that is specific to your needs and works toward the desired result.