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Online Counseling & TeleMental Health Therapy

online therapist

Welcome to!  There continues to be a greater need for therapy services provided by licensed clinicians that can be done over the phone and online, and there is more recognition than ever of its benefits and effectiveness.

This site is for people to be able to find a therapist that they can connect with for the type of help and support they’re looking for.

About TeleMental Health Services

People who are looking for a good therapist have more options available to them in their state if they choose to receive online therapy. Similarly, clinicians who can deliver sessions online have greater potential for a thriving practice full of ideal clients.

Once a proper assessment is done to see if both the client and therapist are a good fit for each other, then the relationship is very much like a traditional setting, but conversing over a device rather than physically being in the same room.

If you are a therapist and do not yet have your telemental health certification requirements, we recommend obtaining it, as even if your current client base doesn’t want that flexibility, your future clients may.

If you’re a person seeking therapy for help in one or more areas of your life, consider a counselor who offers this service as an option, whether their physical office is convenient to you or not.